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tons of items for sale! - Take me out to the Flea! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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tons of items for sale! [Apr. 27th, 2007|03:52 pm]

Things that have been worn only once or twice and looks as 
good as new at half the original price!

1# Bubble Smock Top with Belt

Wear it with or without a belt.

Fits UK Size 6 to 10
Condition: 10/10 ( I wore it only once and it looks brand new!)
Comes with red belt
Smock at the back


#2 The LBD from Red2

Runched Details at the Front

Close-Up of Faux Leather Belt

Fits UK Size 6 to 14
Condition: 10/10 (Worn only once and looks totally new!)

Length of belt: 39"

$28 without belt
$32 with belt

Just belt alone selling for $8
(add $0.50 for postage)

#3 Beaded Necklace

Brand new necklace!

$3 (add $0.50 for postage)

#4 White Denim Blazer

Fits UK Size 6 to 10
Purple stiches with two fake pockets at the front
Denim material
Worn only a few times
Condition: 8/10


#5 Sweet Abercrombie Top

Fits UK Size 6 to 10
Flower sequins at top and bottom
Authentic Abercrombie Label
Condition: 8/10


#6 Cropped White Jacket

Fits UK Size 6 to 8
Condition: 9/10
Made of denim material


#7 Kimono-Inspired Top

Bought this last year when I was in Switzerland's C&A.
Worn only once.
Fits UK Size 6 to 12.
Conditon: 9/10


#8 Peasant Skirt from Zara, Germany

Due to the flash in my camera, colour appears to be faded in the picture below. Actual colour is similar to the one above.

This is a really beautiful skirt which I bought in the really beautiful German town of Constance
Waist:  15"
Length: 28"

Worn only a few times!
Condition: 9/10


All items not inclusive of postage unless otherwise stated.
Add $1.50 for regular mail
Add additional $2.20 for registered mail.

From: goodbye_alice
2007-04-28 04:47 pm (UTC)
mailed! =)
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From: goodbye_alice
2007-04-29 02:38 am (UTC)

Re: bubble smocked top with belt

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